Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study

ADULT 1 (Suggested ages: 80 and up)
Assembly A, Heritage Hall
Director: Jewel Lois Gil
Chris Moore Men’s Class Room A 3
Margaret Hardin/Martha Moore  Room A 1
Gwen Stelly Class Room A 2

ADULT 2 (Suggested ages: 71-80)
Assembly B, Heritage Hall
Ladies Class: Marty Godwin/Mary Le Rees/Sue Blanton Assembly B
Cliff Rees Men’s Class Room C 3

ADULT 3 (Suggested ages: 61-70)
Assembly C, Heritage Hall
Director: Ronnie Jones
Teachers: John Terrell; Forest Jones; John Bass
Aubrey Boone; Kenneth Standley (rotation)

ADULT 4 (Suggested ages: 55-65)
Room 203
Director: Arvin Fails
Janet Cleaveland/Judy Hebert: Ladies Class Room 203
Leo Hebert Men’s Class Room 205A

ADULT 5 (Suggested ages: 45-60)
Room 202
: Leeann Foreman
Charles Miller Teacher

ADULT 6 (Suggested ages: 35-45)
Room 205
Directors and Teachers: Keith and Lori Carl; Rob and Kim Nobles

ADULT 7 (Suggested ages: 21-34)
Room 204
Directors and Teachers: Jason and Jillian Hunt; Adam and Lindsey Vannett

ADULT 8 (Suggested ages: in 20’s)
Room 206
Directors and Teachers: Michael/Cara Walker

ADULT 9 (Suggested ages: Coed in 20’s)
Zone 2
Directors/Teachers: James Frederick; Travis Miller; Brandon Stacey

WOMEN OF THE WORD (Suggested ages: open)
Director and Teacher: Kathy Guidry

H.E.A.R.T. (Suggested ages: Younger ladies)
Room 203 A
Director/Teacher: Lisa Seaux

La Iglesia Hispanic-Latino Ministry 
Heritage Hall, A 4
Pastor: Alfredo Ballesta

Asian International Ministry
Heritage Hall, C 4/Connection
Director: Fe Briggs